Church Leadership

homas A. Emigh – Pastor

My spiritual journey actually began before I was born.  My maternal grandfather received his calling during the depression, before my mother was born.  My mother was raised in a Christian home among a family of great faith.  She nurtured this faith and passed it along to her children.  My father was also raised in a family of great faith, and they both continue to live their faith genuinely, and pass it on to their children and grandchildren.

I grew up in a home surrounded by faith, love and a sincere desire to honor God in everything.  I first became acutely aware of my need of salvation when I was in the 8th grade.  My mother took a job cleaning to earn enough money to send us all to a small Christian school.  It was at this school that I began formally studying the Scriptures, and began to see the hand of God in everything around me.  I quietly accepted Christ as my savior at an evangelical service at our home church during this time.

My mother could not keep up with the work, and we all returned to the public school the following year.  As I struggled with the typical trials and temptations of the American teenager, I never lost sight of my faith.  During my high school years, I was afforded the opportunity to visit college campuses to participate in various scholarly competitions, and learn about different cultures through my relationships with foreign exchange students.  It was a vastly different world outside of my comfortable little rural town.

I attended Grove City College, a small, highly academically competitive, accredited Christian College.  I was able to both grow in faith and understanding of the scriptures as well as continue to learn about different cultures from domestic as well as foreign students.

It was during these college years that I felt that I was being called into the ministry.  I might have resisted the calling, or might have been guided to a business curriculum in order be prepared for the calling that I am answering now.

Years back, I had some serious health issues due to a virus, and learned not to take our time on earth for granted, and thus feeling myself growing closer to Christ every day.  I believe that our Lord has been preparing me for something important.  I have recommitted my life to Christ, and am looking forward to the next chapter in my walk of faith.

John Yoho, Director of Music Ministries

John is a long time member of  Ruskin Methodist Church, a gifted Celloist, operates his own independent Insurance Agency, is married to Angela.

Bill Greer, Organist

Bill is a gifted organist and  Ruskin Methodist Church is blessed to have him.

Hal Jeffery, Visitation & Congregational Care Pastor

Hal has been with  Ruskin Methodist Church for many years.  Hal has been married to Cecilia ‘C’ for 30+ years & between them have three children, seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.  Before becoming the Visitation & Congregational Care Pastor Hal & C served for 9 years as Ruskin’s Youth Director. Prior to being Ruskin UMC members they both served at Forest Hills United Methodist Church in Tampa as Youth Directors for 13 years.  Hal was the first team Chaplain for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1975 to 1990, was with Baseball Chapel and one of the founders for FCA in the Tampa Bay area.

Michael Pichierri

Michael joined our staff in 2017 as our Facilities/Maintenance person.  Michael retired to Florida after working in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Renee Gausche,  Faith Community Nurse & Care Teams

Renee is a Registered Nurse (RN) with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree from the University of Tampa.  She is actively involved in the Baycare Health Care System Faith Community Nurse community.  She is married with two grown children.

Cecilia Jeffery, Media & Social Media Director

Cecilia ‘C’ has been with  Ruskin Methodist Church for many years in a variety of ministry leadership roles. Currently she is our web page, Facebook, Sunday sound board and videographer  for our COVID-19 worship services.  She also decorates our sanctuary during the  church seasons and holidays.  A very multi-talented person.

She has been married for over 30+ years to Hal Jeffery & between them have three children, seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.